Bachelor Week: Day 2

Here’s an update.
Scratched my crotch in front of a woman exiting church.
Read a Time article about Obama’s golf game.
Got into a heated discussion in Goodwill with a child about the importance of using coasters.
Almost bought a file cabinet, not for files but for my pants.
Reassured myself that pizza and soda is the best combination of any two things.
Pined over this, bought this and this instead.
Discovered 16 oz. Izze bottles!
Paid for, then lost a package of tortillas.
Now it’s time to sleep.

2 thoughts on “Bachelor Week: Day 2”

    1. Seriously! The skateboard was bought with a giftcard I won and the antenna is so I can watch TV so I know what I need to buy next! I do have strange spending habits though. When I know that I have to buy one thing it makes me feel like I can justify buying everything else around me. But when I don’t have to buy anything, I can turn down something that I might actually want. Weird.

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