Cost Efficiency

I have been making coffee for the last few years in a Melita coffee cone, using disposable filters for each cup. I buy the 100 pack of unbleached filters from Trader Joe’s for $1.99, or $2.10 after tax. That means each filter costs 2.1¢. I think to myself “geez, these filters are probably adding up to a lot of money over the years” and I start investigating other options. 

This is the Francois Et Mimi 12 oz. double wall stainless steel french press. There’s nothing too special about it, but it does cost $34.50 and requires no additional filters.
So if each 100 pack of filters costs me $2.10, the french press will start saving me money after only 17 packs. That’s obviously 1,700 cups of coffee. If I continue drinking only one cup of coffee per day, I will reach this goal after 4.66 years. After this point, I will be saving $7.67 per year on coffee filters. Not bad for a sub five year investment.

Someone should probably check my math though, I’m only half way through my coffee.

The Telling Room

The always fantastic David of Budget Fabulous Films just dropped a promotional video for The Telling Room, a non-profit writing center in Portland Maine that helps create great storytellers (and was just awarded a National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award by Michelle Obama herself.) I know what you’re saying “oh yeah, I’m definitely going to watch a promo video for a non-profit.” Shut up, just watch it.

Little John Island

This is about 15 miles into a loop that we have been riding lately. It’s a very nice calm spot to eat a Bonk Breaker and talk about pretending an exploded red hot dog is your penis.

BTTF in the Park

Tonight was the screening of Back to the Future at Bug Light Park! I didn’t get a chance to see any of the other movies there, but I was glad to catch this one. If you’re in Portland in a few weeks, be sure to catch Jaws on the Eastern Prom as part of the Mensk Summer Film Series.