The Telling Room

The always fantastic David of Budget Fabulous Films just dropped a promotional video for The Telling Room, a non-profit writing center in Portland Maine that helps create great storytellers (and was just awarded a National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award by Michelle Obama herself.) I know what you’re saying “oh yeah, I’m definitely going to watch a promo video for a non-profit.” Shut up, just watch it.

Back to Back Buddy Promo Posts!

Some friends of mine are doing a livestream Q&A at 8:30 pm this evening (eastern time, of course) to promote the release of the first episode of No Refund for Content. Check out the trailer below and watch the Ustream here.

Follow No Refund for Content as it progresses on the Facebook page, their Twitter and the website, where you can find a little button that says “Donate.” I wonder what that does? Somebody should do some investigating.

Episode 1 is live and can be viewed below!

Up My Alley

That is Elly Blue of Taking the Lane and Joe Biel of Cantankerous Titles. This photo is from an event put on by TRANSPORTland. This has to be the best idea for a bike race ever. 30+ miles, with obstacles and 100 pounds of “emergency supply” cargo. Brilliant!