Eat, Buy, Watch

20120715-085449.jpgScrambled egg, kale & parmesan on a homemade roll.

20120715-085501.jpgIs this my mini grip truck?

20120715-085512.jpgLook at this guy! On the Youtube!

One Day, Many Meals

Slices from Otto in Portland.
Salmon, sautéed red onion and cream cheese with herbs in Phippsburg.
Lobster roll in Livermore.
Sorry for the back to back collage posts.

So What If It’s Pink

I almost added a new member to the family yesterday. A late ’80’s Centurion Le Mans. I even test rode it. This thing doesn’t know how to go slow. I’m really kicking myself today for walking away from it.


I Like

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you may not realize that I’ve been bitten by the Instagram bug. Follow me if you like, @morepizza.
As for the above picture, I’ve always wanted to modify a shopping cart into a bike trailer. This guy beat me to it, but I’m pretty sure I would have gone with the jumbo sized Home Depot cart.


This pretty much sums up everything I wanted through elementary school.
I’m heading to VT tomorrow to work on episodes three and four of Tuberville. I’ll be sure to share a few set pictures while I’m there.