Cabin at the Christmas Tree Farm

I bumped into this cabin while working on a music video last week. Notice the J√łtul stove in the corner on the left? My folks have the same one at their house. The ladder goes up to a little sleeping loft. This would be an excellent spot to end a day of cycle touring.

A Trip to the Bike Factory

A stones throw from the border of Maine lays a small New Hampshire town of Newmarket. Here in the historic river side mill is The Bike Factory New Hampshire. Under one roof you can find two of the most well known brands in the American built cycling industry, Independent Fabrications and Baileyworks Bags. I dropped into the shop and was greeted warmly and got to take a few shots around the building.

The Showroom

Bags in construction.

The final products.

The frame on the left is tack welded in place. You can make out the rainbow colored area on the fully welded frame in the foreground.

Frame finishing prior to painting.

Chainstay decals.

If you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend visiting The Bike Factory NH.

County Seat Supply

In the West End of Portland Maine, there is a collaborative shop space known as Merchant Co. This is where you will find the small booth of County Seat Supply. This is the first place in Maine that I have found used Pendleton shirts. That’s a nice vintage Roebucks shirt behind it too!

Is there a better base layer than a natural blond henley? Nope.
Needless to say, I’ll be keeping an eye on the CSS blog and shop space!


I’ve been following Alex Wetmore’s blog for a while now. He seems to be quite the skilled framebuilder, and that is clear in his newest post. The “adventure touring bike” is a filet brazed frame with S&S couplers and a killer fork crown.

More images can be seen on his blog and his smugmug. This post is deep into the Want category.

Perhaps It’s Time for Frivolous Indulgences

This right here is a $295 spoke tensiometer. This $295 device is the most accurate way to make sure your bicycle wheel is built with even tension throughout all of the spokes. It’s only $295. You can buy me one here. It comes with a spare battery.

Hufnagel Cycles: Porteur/City Bike just posted about Jordan Hufnagel’s recently divulged project. A pair of beautiful porteur bikes with many custom created parts. Take a minute to look through his Flickr set and marvel at his creativity. Not to spoil the set, but here are a few of my favorite details:
 Beautiful brass minimalist headbadge.
 So much more polite than “heygetoutofmyway!”
 Dynamo hub.
 Internal cable routing for the rear brake, a Son Edulux headlight to match the hub with wiring run through the front rack and a little support arm in the center of the front rack to keep the fender steady.
 Not only is that a beautiful seat cluster, but check out the custom taillight!

Baby Blue in Portland

Bagwell is in town. We went on a pizza crawl and stumbled upon this Raleigh. Looks like another custom paint job because the head badge was the only indicator of the brand.

Lumotec Retro dynamo headlight, Acorn Boxy Rando bag, leather grips, half clips on the pedals, Brooks B17, stainless rack and polished fenders. Looks like somebody knows what’s up.