Is It The Thought That Counts? Nope

I have a confession. I am a 26 year old semi-handy man who doesn’t own a wrench set. I have cruised through life borrowing my father’s wrenches or making do with what was available wherever I was working. Lately I have been trying to rectify this. Last night I happened to stumble into a Sears, fully knowing that I probably wouldn’t leave empty handed.
After looking around for about 20 minutes, I had two options that were very puzzling to me.
The first option was from the Craftsman Evolv line. A set of 14 wrenches, which included 7 metric and 7 SAE, plus 4 bonus wrenches, just for the hell of it. That’s 18 wrenches for a very good price of $19.99. Where’s the catch? There it is. The Evolv line, with it’s eco-friendly paper packaging, boasts about how it is more cost efficient and still just what you need to “get the job done.” Yes, it’s easy to be cost efficient when your product is made in China and you use materials that you can’t even back up with your lifetime warranty. That’s right, the famous Craftsman lifetime warranty does not cover it’s Evolv line. The only thing that will get you a replacement is if the tool suffers from a manufacturing defect. Apparently, the Evolv line is Craftman’s new low end tools, meant to replace their Companion line, which had an even worse warranty from what I hear.
My next option is to buy two 9 piece wrench sets, one metric and the other standard. These are $29.99 each, but were on sale for $19.99 each. This means that if I want an American made, fully warranted wrench set, I have to drop twice as much as my other option. I know that in reality, it is fully worth it in many aspects to buy these wrenches over any other set. This is upsetting. So upsetting that I had to pace around the store, for what probably seemed like 30 minutes to Ashlinn. I paced and paced until I just had to leave, empty handed.
I continue to be a 26 year old semi-handy man without a wrench set.

Pretty Crazy

Apple wakes up to iPhone alarm glitch on New Years | Reuters.

It’s really wild to me when one little glitch on a piece of equipment can have this much of an impact. Perhaps when Apple realized there was a problem on Jan 1st, they could have sent out an email or text to iPhone users to warn them about a possible problem the next day. Wouldn’t that have been nice?

Eat Your Fucking Vegetables

Mythbusting: Cheap food does not equal higher quality of life | Grist.

It’s not rocket surgery; the closer your food is to it’s naturally occurring state, the healthier it probably is for you, in my opinion. If this topic interests you as much as it does me, I suggest reading Mark Bittman’s “Food Matters” and, of course, Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma.” If you’re the kind of person who says things like “I’m not much of a reader” then at least follow them on Twitter and read everything they link to. I can’t say that I agree with everything they post when it comes to politics, but I certainly appreciate what they have to say about food and health. @bittman and @michaelpollan, respectively.

work work work

New company motto:

Thanks for returning my hose in the same condition it went out.

“Someone did not take film techmology with adam belanger, tisk tisk!” Matt Perez-Mora
Everybody knows the first thing you learn in Film Technology is “don’t do stupid things.”

Birthday NOW!

You know what is really sick? When America comes up with a really great idea, hands it over to them gents and lasses in Europe, and they put a whole new spin on that idea. What am I talking about? I’m talking about Carhartt Streetwear dawg! Finally, I can wear some tough pants without having pant legs bigger than my studio apartment. This is the best news since…wait…Am I going to have to go to Europe for these pants? fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkk