Tubes & ‘Tunes

I have two videos to share with you today. The first is episode 3 ofTuberville, a web series that I have worked on in Vermont. 30′ dolly move in a frozen potato field was actually more fun than it sounds.

See the previous episodes and learn how Tuberville is helping feed families in need at

Next up is the trailer for Neptune, a feature film that will finish shooting next summer.

Pretty great, to say the least, but please help Last House Productions continue making this. Spread the word on Twitter and Facebook. Share the trailer with friends. Make a donation if you can at

Day Off

What better way to spend a day off than watching a web series that helps promote a good organization? Episode two of Tuberville is live. What wacky antics are Russ and Christmas going to get into this time? (Spoiler Alert: It’s potato related!)


This pretty much sums up everything I wanted through elementary school.
I’m heading to VT tomorrow to work on episodes three and four of Tuberville. I’ll be sure to share a few set pictures while I’m there.