Internet, I Remember You Now!

As I mentioned in my last post, I got the internet. It’s kind of overwhelming. Not only do I have the old internet that I’m used to, I’ve also got access to Xbox Live and Netflix Instant Queue (30 Rock, Office, Lost). This is blowing my mind.
Now I have to get used to that whole Facebook layout that people were complaining about so much. I have to log in to webpages. I have multiple applications running concurrently. Like I said, mind blown.
All these Youtube videos.
So many blogs to read.
A plethora of bike pictures on Flickr.
I’m freaking out guys!

Maybe it’s a little late, but me and Kanye just wanted to say Happy thanksgiving.

Malcolm Is My New Friend

So I just subscribed to this crazy new thing called The Internet. It’s going to be piped directly into my own apartment. And the man I have to thank for this goes by the name Malcolm. He single handedly cut deals, waived fees and kept me entertained for nearly a dozen minutes while I asked him questions and gave him my information. Thanks Malcolm. As for everybody else in the world, get ready to feel the pain, via Xbox Live.

Here is an estimated breakdown of Ashlinn and I’s internet use.

Invent This Now

Somebody needs to invent a reverse Coinstar. I go to the grocery store, put bills in the machine and it gives me quarters so can do laundry. No, this is not the same as a change machine. It’s way more high tech and larger and there are backlit plastic panels with sick change related designs on them. It would revolutionize how we use money.
“Oh man, what am I going to do with this huge $10 bill?”
“You could bring it down to Cashstar and have it conveniently turned into 8 quarters, 40 dimes, 65 nickels and 175 pennies!”
“That’s fucking genius. Why would anybody carry around bills when life is so much simpler with coins?”

Go ahead, shower me with awards.

Xbox Block

Today Microsoft banned millions of Xbox Live users for playing on modified systems and using pirated copies of games, most likely the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I have mixed feelings about the ban. The users have purchased the Xbox, and should have full authority to mod it however they feel necessary. That’s what I feel is entalled in owning something. Where it gets dicey for me is when those customers start to play with legit (according to Microsoft’s TOS) players. A modified system is, basically, able to cheat. Being on the shit end of the stick can sour the whole experience for a player and eventually result in fewer subscribers to the Xbox Live service and possibly lower sales for the companies that put so much into their products.
What if Apple banned customers from it’s iTunes store if they found out you were using iTunes to organize and watch pirated movies?
What if a grocery store wouldn’t let you in because you brought your own cart?
Overall, the banned players probably got what the deserved.

You can read what xboxist has to say here.

Shit Yea!

I don’t know how I missed this earlier, but I’m quite pumped about it. If you’ve missed The Walking Dead so far, you should probably read as much of it as you possibly can. With Left 4 Dead 2 coming out in a few weeks, quickly followed by The Road hitting theaters, it’s becoming a very easy time to love the apocalypse.

True Story

Ashlinn is mopping the floor and I’m doing the dishes.
“It smells like God’s bathroom in here” I said.
“God doesn’t have a bathroom” she says.
“God has to poop somewhere.”
“God doesn’t poop.”
“Oh yeah? How do you explain Massachusetts!!!!”