Portland Graffiti

Three and a half years ago I posted photos of graffiti in Portland Oregon. Now I get to post some from Portland Maine. The first two are video game related, which is awesome. The third one is hilarious and makes me laugh every time I pass it on the bike trail and the fourth one is just incredibly well done and very eye catching.


I have a moment to myself between productions and decided it was time to finally complete Special world in my favorite Super Mario game ever. Never before had I been able to make it past Tubular.

Image Dump

Bagwell – peperony and chease…

Bagwell’s lamp I made last year.

What the fuck is a Lobster BLT Quesadilla?


Foxy Glasses.

This is the first road bike I ever owned. It got me through Maine & NYC up until I bought my Bianchi. I’m thrilled to be rebuilding it into some sort of city bike.

My projects get dwarfed by my father’s. This is the second Baracuda, nicknamed Buried Cuda, due to the condition it was found.

Hello Hello is the bookstore behind the Rock City Coffee in Rockland. Awesome door.

Tough Choices

The Art of Video Games is an exhibit that will be coming to the Smithsonian Art Museum soon. You can currently vote for what games you find visually spectacular or boast innovative design. But seriously, I have to choose one between these three?

Far too difficult…. Cast your own vote here.

Like A Rolling Stone

Holy shit. The last few minutes of Flash Forward’s fifth episode are killer. Perhaps it ousts Hurley’s cd player dying as the best ending of a midseason episode ever.
I know I’m a little late to start watching this show, but it beats accruing anymore hours playing Just Cause 2. I swore I would stop when the counter hit triple digits. Ugh.