A Visit to Dornbox Bicycles

Months ago, I visited Chris Dornbach, of Dornbox Bicycles, in his home frame shop in Gray, Maine. Chris builds bicycles, primarily road and mountain, out of steel using mostly TIG welding. It was great to shoot around his shop and even see a bit of frame construction as well. Click through the gallery below and be sure to visit Chris’s website. Perhaps it’s time for you to pick up a new custom 29er or cross frame.

Image Dump

Bagwell – peperony and chease…

Bagwell’s lamp I made last year.

What the fuck is a Lobster BLT Quesadilla?


Foxy Glasses.

This is the first road bike I ever owned. It got me through Maine & NYC up until I bought my Bianchi. I’m thrilled to be rebuilding it into some sort of city bike.

My projects get dwarfed by my father’s. This is the second Baracuda, nicknamed Buried Cuda, due to the condition it was found.

Hello Hello is the bookstore behind the Rock City Coffee in Rockland. Awesome door.


FrURLSday needs a theme song, or maybe just a midi file that you can play in the background as you browse.
Don’t worry, LOST Season premiere review is coming soon!

30 Rock – Funny scene with Tracy, Jenna & Kenneth. Tracy’s reactions to Kenneth’s suggestions were the funniest part.
Double Alley-Oop – Pull this off and you deserve space on Yahoo News’ frontpage.
Cheap, Homemade Bread Recipe – Incredibly easy and a fun challenge.
Thoughts from a Homeless Guy – This is actually a really great Craigslist post from a former homeless man.
Planning Your Bicycle Maintenance Schedule – Some handy advice from the Seattle Bicycle Touring Club