FrURLSday Fails

See if you can find the pattern:
Mac Support
Mac Help Forum
Data Recovery Seattle
Newegg Laptop Hard Drives
goodfocus – This one has nothing to do with my laptop hard drive crashing, it’s just good stuff from Rockport friends.

The FrURLS Are Coming! The FrURLS Are Coming!

I kind of blew my FrURL load early with Wednesday’s LOST post. i hope these will still entertain y’all.
Britt Sondreal has a few songs recorded and posted to her Myspace. Honestly, you should probably check it out.
Birds Stealing Ice Cream – No further description necessary.
Funny Wi-Fi Names – I love them all.
Three Part Clock – Why consolidate everything onto one face, when you can spread it out over three?
When A Card Just Won’t Do – From, courtesy of Ashlinn.
How To Not Pull Your Jeep Out of the Mud – It’s a bit anti-climatic. It peaks a little early, but I love the writer’s Seth Rogen joke. Courtesy of Bagwell. P.S. go to Bagwell’s new site, it’s crazy!
Louis CK on Conan – “Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy” This is hilarious.

Let’s FrURL This Club Up!

See if you can find the connection between each of this weeks FrURLSday links. The answer is at the bottom.

Topless Coffee Shop – Maine has been acting stranger than usual lately. – Play tons of Nintendo games online. Yeah, you need to use your keyboard, which is the worst thing about emulated games, but it’ still nice to see that fat Italian play golf.

Project Tandem updated their website. It looks pretty spiffy. Can you believe they did this while riding a bike? They also have a sweet new blog, powered by WordPress!

Brenton Hamilton added some new content to his IV gallery. You should check it out!

SAT Scores vs. The Music You Listen To – This is interesting, but it thinks I’m not smart enough to listen to The Killers. Are you kidding me? Oops, apparently they can levitate.

Jumpman – A super fun and very addictive game. So simple and it comes with a level editor.

Skate 2 Create-A-Spot – Create-A-Spot is the coolest new feature in Skate. 2. I can’t stop moving dumpsters, benches and kickers. I found this video on da ‘tube of someone recreating Stairs to Nowhere, nearly verbatim (unintentionally, I’m sure.)

Spider drawing – The email conversation between a woman trying to get her money and a man who doesn’t have the money to give her. Very very funny. Courtesy of Mat-Thorne.

Glass Top Pool Table – Very strange, but I want it. Also, I think I just found a website Bagwell will like more than Jalopnik.

Ha, I’m just kidding, there’s no real connection.

Ultimate FrURLSday

To make up for last weeks lack of dedication, this weeks FrURLs will be of the highest quality and even broken down into categories. I hope you enjoy!

Top Priorities:
The Adam Carolla Podcast – Aceman lost his show this week. He plans to eventually podcast
Nanerpus Denny’s Commercial – I could watch Nanerpus for hours.
Dissapproving Rabbit Eats Parsley
Soda Can Stove – Cheap camping stove you can make yourself!
Garry’s Mod – If you happen to own a Valve Source engine, you should download Garry’s Mod. You can learn more about what it actually is here.
Lostify – Not as Lost related as you think. It’s an app to edit the metadata in MP4 files, which is very useful if you have a lot of videos in your iTunes.
ThriftMac – An excellent source for Mac freeware!
Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo – Make this, send me some.
Red & Blue Salad – Please don’t make fun of me for reading Men’s Health.
Rolling Resistance – At the very least, it’s an excellent name for a bike issues blog.
1000 Anagrams for Adam Belanger – My favorites would have to be “damnable gear” “a beard mangle” and of course “anal bead germ.”

FrURLSday Postpwned

You may have noticed that there was no FrURLSday last week. That’s because as of Friday there was nothing new on the internet to share with you. I have literally already shared with you the entire internet…the entirenet.
Allow me to illustrate it with a pie chart:

You’re welcome.


The old internet machine has taken a bit of a back seat this week. I’ve got shelves to build, lights to paint and more trail mix than I know what to do with. Seriously, where am I going to put all this trail mix.
Lovely Listing – A blog dedicated to poorly photographed apartments in rental ads. It’s sad that this blog has so much material. The writing isn’t great, but the pictures are hilarious! Courtesy of Ashlinn.
Wainy Days – David Wain’s webisodes. Funny stuff.
Keamy’s Paradise – For those who just can’t get over that season 4 madman.
Vern Fonk I swear to God, these are real commercials for a real insurance company. The northwest is weird.
Turn off your cell phone! – The funny thing is that I originally tried to watch this on my cell phone at work. OK, that’s not the funny thing. The funny thing is the guy trying to kill the other guy (spoiler). Courtesy of Bagtown.


Light Lane – Very cool hypothetical bike light. More stuff like this can be found here:
Bike Hacks – How had I not found this earlier?
The Weish enters blogville!
Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling – Some very funny Ryan Gosling pictures, my fav.
Dead Man’s Bones – “In the Room Where You Sleep” music video also featuring Ryan Gosling. I should not be this impressed with it, sue me.

If Amy would have just wrote a blog post about Ryan Gosling riding a bike we could have all saved a lot of time.


FrURLSday needs a theme song, or maybe just a midi file that you can play in the background as you browse.
Don’t worry, LOST Season premiere review is coming soon!

30 Rock – Funny scene with Tracy, Jenna & Kenneth. Tracy’s reactions to Kenneth’s suggestions were the funniest part.
Double Alley-Oop – Pull this off and you deserve space on Yahoo News’ frontpage.
Cheap, Homemade Bread Recipe – Incredibly easy and a fun challenge.
Thoughts from a Homeless Guy – This is actually a really great Craigslist post from a former homeless man.
Planning Your Bicycle Maintenance Schedule – Some handy advice from the Seattle Bicycle Touring Club


Sorry about that folks, but I had too many video games to play and gaucemole to eat on Friday to organize my weeks worth of links.
Zombie Portraits – Send this guy a photo of yourself and he will illustrate you as a zombie. Awesome!
20 All Time Greatest Photo Bombers – Also commonly known as “That Guy” Photos.
The Skateboard Stairs
“Amazing Predator Rap” – Exactly what it sounds like (courtesy of Bagwell.)
“Guyz Night – Die Hard” – This should fill in any other needs you have from the Songs Based on Movies Category.
Skate Montage – From SAFilms. Points of interest include a 50-50 footplant at 1:08 and the most Ashton thing I’ve ever seen in skateboarding at 1:50.
Triple Burnout – Also courtesy of Bagwell.

As you’re aware, LOST returns this week on Wednesday. That means that I’ve got 13 episodes to rewatch in just a few days. It’ll be a pretty hardcore marathon, but I feel I have to do it to be ready for season 5. Plus, season 4 was an amazing set of episodes. It was probably the most concise, dramatic and well thought out season since the original season. I’m pretty sure that the decision to stop at 6 seasons came right before season 4 and the producers cheered about how this decision would allow them to plan out the rest of the series and make sure that the right stories got the right screentime. I fully agree with this and it has already been proven that the rest of the series will be better than anything you’ve ever seen on TV. Season 4 introduced more worthy on-island characters than any previous season (except for season one, of course.) The folks from the freighter have actually made the show better to watch. Maybe their storylines will eventually tank, but for now they are key players on the show.
Expect to see a full review of the season premiere here by the end of the week. And remember, I’m on the west coast now, so I don’t post an spoiler comments!


Enjoy another FrURLSday my friend!

Ben Heck does it again – Xbox 360 in a Pelican case
MattyGtheMusician – This is an impressive example of walking the thin line between douche bag and awesome dude (note the sideways hat.)
Alt Text: Witness Protection – Nerd Cartoon
Palm Unveils it’s iPhone Killer – Accidentally dooms it’s success by releasing it on Sprint (HA!)