Let’s FrURL This Club Up!

See if you can find the connection between each of this weeks FrURLSday links. The answer is at the bottom.

Topless Coffee Shop – Maine has been acting stranger than usual lately.

Nintendo8.com – Play tons of Nintendo games online. Yeah, you need to use your keyboard, which is the worst thing about emulated games, but it’ still nice to see that fat Italian play golf.

Project Tandem updated their website. It looks pretty spiffy. Can you believe they did this while riding a bike? They also have a sweet new blog, powered by WordPress!

Brenton Hamilton added some new content to his IV gallery. You should check it out!

SAT Scores vs. The Music You Listen To – This is interesting, but it thinks I’m not smart enough to listen to The Killers. Are you kidding me? Oops, apparently they can levitate.

Jumpman – A super fun and very addictive game. So simple and it comes with a level editor.

Skate 2 Create-A-Spot – Create-A-Spot is the coolest new feature in Skate. 2. I can’t stop moving dumpsters, benches and kickers. I found this video on da ‘tube of someone recreating Stairs to Nowhere, nearly verbatim (unintentionally, I’m sure.)

Spider drawing – The email conversation between a woman trying to get her money and a man who doesn’t have the money to give her. Very very funny. Courtesy of Mat-Thorne.

Glass Top Pool Table – Very strange, but I want it. Also, I think I just found a website Bagwell will like more than Jalopnik.

Ha, I’m just kidding, there’s no real connection.

Pants Challenge Response!

Alan and Mo, collectively known as Project Tandem, along with Workshops friend John Barduhn have posted a Pants Challenge Response on Vimeo. I am very impressed. At the end of their video, they call me out to come up with another challenge. Time and time again Alan and Mo have proven that they can bike further, photograph cooler and hold their vodka better. They are very competitive people, and I look forward to further battles.
In very related news, the following commercial was mentioned at work today. I hadn’t seen it until I got home, and I’m blown away. Some of it seems too crazy to believe, and it was certainly down with more production value than the visuals lead one to believe, but I do recognize legit pants talent when I see it.

Unrelated, I’d like to give a big thanks to Ben Smart for forwarding his blog traffic my way. Sweet!

And finally, happy birthday to Virginia! Hopefully the motherland is treating you well.

Image hosted by Flickr.


I have a few congratulations to dole out. Congratulations to Anelisa Garfunkle for being accepted into the Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival.
Also, congratualations to Alan and Mo, aka Project Tandem. They have completed 2 days out of what probably seems like a million ahead of them. They have done 100 miles in 2 days, which I believe puts them 3 miles ahead of Ashlinn and I at the end of our second day!
One more congratulations for teens! According to a study 99 percent of boys and 94 percent of girls play video games on a regular basis…GOOD FOR YOU!