Pants Challenge Response!

Alan and Mo, collectively known as Project Tandem, along with Workshops friend John Barduhn have posted a Pants Challenge Response on Vimeo. I am very impressed. At the end of their video, they call me out to come up with another challenge. Time and time again Alan and Mo have proven that they can bike further, photograph cooler and hold their vodka better. They are very competitive people, and I look forward to further battles.
In very related news, the following commercial was mentioned at work today. I hadn’t seen it until I got home, and I’m blown away. Some of it seems too crazy to believe, and it was certainly down with more production value than the visuals lead one to believe, but I do recognize legit pants talent when I see it.

Unrelated, I’d like to give a big thanks to Ben Smart for forwarding his blog traffic my way. Sweet!

And finally, happy birthday to Virginia! Hopefully the motherland is treating you well.

Image hosted by Flickr.

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