So Silly’s

20120624-075415.jpgI didn’t make it home yesterday until 8am. I was awake for nearly 24 hours. I slept until 3pm, woke up, and demanded a delicious breakfast. Spicy tofu scramble with home fries and toast hit the spot. The milkshake didn’t hurt either.


Day 15 of 15!

20120622-092514.jpgJust as important on the last day as it is on the first day.

20120623-195421.jpgThe last setup with our trusty Xmas card.
20120623-195436.jpgDIT David gets pumped before a take.

20120623-195448.jpgThat’s a wrap, hey look, the sun is coming up!

20120623-195458.jpgBecky’s Diner. 6am.

Day 13 of 15

It’s the last week of production. Wrap party is near.
20120620-081833.jpgA monster croissant is a good way to start the day.

20120620-140738.jpgMorning woods.

Day 10 of 15-ish

20120614-173338.jpgNot a bad way to start a 2pm-2am day.
20120614-173422.jpgSilver side in the sky. 4’x4 Kino with 3 daylight tubes and one tungsten to warm it up.

20120614-173640.jpgSafety first, but snarkiness is a close second.

Day 9 of 15-ish

Not a lot going on today from the G&E world. Here’s a few shots from yesterday.
20120613-123216.jpgAshton hanging out in the Hobbit hole.

20120613-123635.jpgA bit of Kino in the bathroom.

20120613-124746.jpgHappy faces all over the place.