Church Scene Panorama


Far left: 1200 HMI w/ Hampshire frost
Center: Arri AS18 shooting into a 12’x12′ unbleached muslin
Right: 1200 HMI shooting into 8’x8′ muslin
Far Right: 4’x4 Kino

Very fun scene yesterday morning. Lots of creeping and full speed doorway dolly action.

Day 10 of 15-ish

20120614-173338.jpgNot a bad way to start a 2pm-2am day.
20120614-173422.jpgSilver side in the sky. 4’x4 Kino with 3 daylight tubes and one tungsten to warm it up.

20120614-173640.jpgSafety first, but snarkiness is a close second.

Day 8 of 15

20120612-104853.jpgSame setup as yesterday but we added a 2’x4 Kino and a china ball over the bed.

20120612-110720.jpgNo shortage of happy faces on set.

Day 7 of 15

20120611-104753.jpgHe loves the soft light.

20120611-154401.jpg4’x4 Kino in the rafters into two silver surfers for ambient fill.

20120611-154501.jpgThis guy is thrilled to be on set today!