‘Tunage Day 3

This place again?
Nice looking skylight. 20120823-092051.jpg
Boom halo.
Top stick, plus a 40″ arm.20120823-092152.jpgFogger from the future.


20120820-071022.jpgStarting the work day at sunset can have its benefits, assuming you’re working at a pace to appreciate it. 20120820-071031.jpg
I’m discovering a lot of cuts all over my body after lugging two 1.2k HMIs and two pieces of 4’x4′ beadboard with mombo combos through the only thorn bushes we could find. 20120820-071051.jpg
What 2800 watts in the middle of the woods looks like.20120820-071104.jpg
We got smarter as the night went on. This is not typical. 20120820-071119.jpg
This is not the worst I’ve seen, but it’s pretty good for only a few hours.

Day 10 of 15-ish

20120614-173338.jpgNot a bad way to start a 2pm-2am day.
20120614-173422.jpgSilver side in the sky. 4’x4 Kino with 3 daylight tubes and one tungsten to warm it up.

20120614-173640.jpgSafety first, but snarkiness is a close second.

Day 7 of 15

20120611-104753.jpgHe loves the soft light.

20120611-154401.jpg4’x4 Kino in the rafters into two silver surfers for ambient fill.

20120611-154501.jpgThis guy is thrilled to be on set today!