20120820-071022.jpgStarting the work day at sunset can have its benefits, assuming you’re working at a pace to appreciate it. 20120820-071031.jpg
I’m discovering a lot of cuts all over my body after lugging two 1.2k HMIs and two pieces of 4’x4′ beadboard with mombo combos through the only thorn bushes we could find. 20120820-071051.jpg
What 2800 watts in the middle of the woods looks like.20120820-071104.jpg
We got smarter as the night went on. This is not typical. 20120820-071119.jpg
This is not the worst I’ve seen, but it’s pretty good for only a few hours.

Bachelor Week: Day 1

Ashlinn is in LA for the week. In the past 24 hours I broke the washing machine, burned my pants with the iron, barfed up a banana and half a mango, forgot to eat lunch and dinner, filled the apartment with lumber, accidentally watched two hours of CSI: Miami and gave myself a fat lip while chasing a very angry moth.
Only 144 hours until she returns.