Retro Bike Gets Retro Light

In case you haven’t heard, I picked up one of these. A bike with a strong old world style like this obviously can’t be covered with new fangled plastic lights. Thus began the long process of creating an acceptable headlight. First, I started with a Big Beam flashlight that I found at the Pacific Galleries outdoor flea market. I removed the chromed bubble and lens from the rest of the light. I replaced the toggle switch and wired it to a gutted LED flashlight that was a mere $6 at the hardware store. I’m still tweaking the mounting bracket, but this will work for now. The end result:

Next project; tail light.

Weekend Extravaganza

I’m working this weekend; next weekend I work one day and hit up the Jet City Comic Show the other day. The next weekend is the 8th annual BrickCon (yup, Lego convention) and the weekend after that is the Oregon Handmade Bike Show, all the way down in Portland. Hell yes.

Oh Boy

Last night I bought a canoe. It’s fairly light weight and the canal is not far from my apartment so hopefully it won’t be too much of a hassle to take it for an aquatic spin. I am thinking about getting a canoe trailer for my bike though!