Mini Dinner Party

In the backyard on a table made from a wheelbarrow.

Homemade pasta with store bought pesto.
Steamed asparagus with olive oil, salt & grated parmesan.
Salad with roasted pine nuts & sautéed onions.
Homemade chocolate sauce & strawberries.

P.S. Fuck yer mac & cheese.

Goal Status: Achieved

Mark your calendars. On November 13th at 1:29 I have reached my goal of finding $10 in one years time.

Don’t worry though, I will continue to search for more discarded money and update the Foraged Funds page as I go. If you are curious about people who actually put their time to a good use, please check out

Oh Boy

Last night I bought a canoe. It’s fairly light weight and the canal is not far from my apartment so hopefully it won’t be too much of a hassle to take it for an aquatic spin. I am thinking about getting a canoe trailer for my bike though!