Up My Alley

That is Elly Blue of Taking the Lane and Joe Biel of Cantankerous Titles. This photo is from an event put on by TRANSPORTland. This has to be the best idea for a bike race ever. 30+ miles, with obstacles and 100 pounds of “emergency supply” cargo. Brilliant!

“Haywire” by Soderbergh

ImageHaywire¬†is now streaming on Netflix Instant. It’s quite well shot, especially for an action movie. It’s got everything you would expect from a Soderbergh film. How has nobody maybe a Soderbergh Bingo game yet? I’m not saying that he’s predictable or repetitive, but he’s got his style and certain elements seem to pop up in a lot of his films. No complaints here.

‘Tunage Day 4

Last day of shooting for Neptune until we get a significant weather shift.

Today’s location: Seaweed City. It was a very good day, but I should have been more liberal with the sunblock.

Sara Hallie Richardson – What Would It Be Like Video

Earlier this summer, and even earlier this winter, I lent a hand to Jeff Grieci of Mint Films on a music video for Maine musician Sara Hallie Richardson. To be honest, I didn’t do much more than bounce a bit of light during the exterior scenes, but it was a load of fun. The winter scenes were shot the morning after a storm that dropped 18″ of snow. It was pretty fun to climb that hill with gear! The beach scene was shot right before Backgammon production began on a beautiful day in Cape Elizabeth. The video is now live and can be viewed below.

‘Tunage Day 3

This place again?
Nice looking skylight. 20120823-092051.jpg
Boom halo.
Top stick, plus a 40″ arm.20120823-092152.jpgFogger from the future.

‘Tunage Day 2 (For Me)

We just wrapped (my) day two of Neptune. Tomorrow we are heading to a familiar location. More about the film can be found on the Last House Productions Facebook page.
Still the best way to end a day of shooting.


20120820-071022.jpgStarting the work day at sunset can have its benefits, assuming you’re working at a pace to appreciate it. 20120820-071031.jpg
I’m discovering a lot of cuts all over my body after lugging two 1.2k HMIs and two pieces of 4’x4′ beadboard with mombo combos through the only thorn bushes we could find. 20120820-071051.jpg
What 2800 watts in the middle of the woods looks like.20120820-071104.jpg
We got smarter as the night went on. This is not typical. 20120820-071119.jpg
This is not the worst I’ve seen, but it’s pretty good for only a few hours.


Last week I had the pleasure of teaching the Basic Lighting & Grip class at Maine Media Workshops. It was a week of long days in an old familiar place. It was great to be back there and I was lucky to have such good students and a killer TA. Below you will see a panorama of one of the setups we had in the stage.
A dolly shot with TV light effect, brancholoris, car headlights wiping through faux Venetian blinds, a door that swings open to create a shadowy figure and, of course, a gun reveal in the final frame.