“I Was In Junior High, Dickhead”

Last month, Marvel Comics was bought by the good old folks at Disney. A few years ago, Disney also picked up a fledgling network by the name of ABC. Do you see where I’m heading with this? All signs point to a LOST comic series. All signs except the ones being staked in the ground by a couple of jokers named Damon and Carlton.
I assure you, despite what everyone else is saying, there will be a LOST comic. Even if I have to make it myself.

Bonus: The person to properly identify the quote in the title will recieve a JPG of me giving them a thumbs up. NO Google IMDB or any other Internet bullshit tools.

Quick On The Humor

I’m assuming you all are well aware of the incredibly important events that happened last night between Kanye West and Taylor Swift at the MTV Video Music Awards. Some of you may even be aware of the event that occurred between Obama and Joe Wilson during a little speech about probably nothing relevant to most Americans. Were you as quick as this Youtuber? Could someone please After Effects in a little furious Serena Williams just for good measure?