Like A Rolling Stone

Holy shit. The last few minutes of Flash Forward’s fifth episode are killer. Perhaps it ousts Hurley’s cd player dying as the best ending of a midseason episode ever.
I know I’m a little late to start watching this show, but it beats accruing anymore hours playing Just Cause 2. I swore I would stop when the counter hit triple digits. Ugh.

Youtube, You’re the Best!


OK, I’ve been keeping track and there a couple of you out there that owe me a favor. I’m not mad, because I knew something like this would happen!
Call Ashlinn and let her know how much you can contribute and she’ll take care of the rest! Thanks in advance!

“I Was In Junior High, Dickhead”

Last month, Marvel Comics was bought by the good old folks at Disney. A few years ago, Disney also picked up a fledgling network by the name of ABC. Do you see where I’m heading with this? All signs point to a LOST comic series. All signs except the ones being staked in the ground by a couple of jokers named Damon and Carlton.
I assure you, despite what everyone else is saying, there will be a LOST comic. Even if I have to make it myself.

Bonus: The person to properly identify the quote in the title will recieve a JPG of me giving them a thumbs up. NO Google IMDB or any other Internet bullshit tools.

Best Idea of the Week?

Hey, I was just thinking. What if instead of landing on a crazy island full of mysteries, Oceanic 815 landing on a crazy PLANET full of mysteries? That’s right, LOST in outer space, on a planet that the surrounding planets can’t find, except for one asshole with a space freighter and his daughter. I know exactly what it would be called too. Space Lost! Perhaps it would look something like this:

You may be thinking to yourself or aloud to friends around you “Adam, you just did some shitty computer painting over a Lost screen capture.” Shitty you say? Perhaps you missed the painstaking details of the American flags on the space suit sleeves or the crashed rocket in the background or how Jack now fittingly has a ray gun instead of a rifle.
Maybe you should open your eyes before you think to yourself or aloud to friends.

LOST Stuff

I’ve been using Google SketchUp a lot recently and decided to build some LOST stuff with it. My first project was the radio tower and the small building next to it from the season 3 finale. You can download it here.

I also made the Pearl station, which was first visited by Paulo, and later by Locke, Eko, Sayid, Desmond and Nikki. It can be downloaded here.

To view either of these models, you’ll need the most recent version of Google SketchUp.