Burgers, Shamwow & LOST

I bought a TV last week. So far it has gone pretty untouched, but Ashlinn and I have watched it a little. The most notable things I’ve seen are the following commercials.

Not bad for a parody video, but I think their original ones might be funnier. The same ad company does the Out Today Plumbing commercials.

Jack in the Box doesn’t really exist back on the east coast. Ashlinn gave me a hard time for not knowing anything about it (or the 600 reported cases of E. coli victims in the Seattle area circa 1993.) Am I the only one that thinks mini burgers are really stupid? I don’t care how many I get, I just want one big burger!

In other TV news, LOST is airing it’s 100th episode this Wednesday. Some will celebrate with cake or costumes. Me, I’m going to eat so many fish biscuits that I puke out what looks like a Geronimo Jackson album cover.

Bonus: For a mere $0.99, you could be jamming like Jin with Dharma Lady (iTunes link.

1 thought on “Burgers, Shamwow & LOST”

  1. Dude, the guy playing the ShamWow guy in your commercial was my former boss at CollegeGear.com; Dave Turnbull…nice guy, but total headcase.

    He has a partnership w/the Vern Fonk people, thus why he’s in EVERY commercial…

    small world. a part of me dies everytime i see one of their commercials.

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