Blue Raleigh Revisited

I have noticed that the blue Raleigh that I posted about earlier this month is consistently parked in the same spot during the work day. I decided that this bike needed to be better photographed so I grabbed the SLR and took a few more shots.

I couldn’t decide which photo of the seat to include. They both have such different moods to them, I figured I would post them both and let you decide which one suits the bike best.

Portland Spot Check

I haven’t spent a ton of time in Portland Maine, but it seems like everytime I do, I notice this one spot of town. Unfortunately, I always see it from the fast lanes of I-295 as I head north. I finally stumbled upon it again while riding my bike on the Bayside Trail, which runs along 295 from the Eastern Promenade Trail to the Back Cove Trail.

Nestled underneath the south bound off ramp for Rt. 26 is a bank with an extra addition of concrete. Judging by the height of the kicker, the tire marks, the roughness of the extra concrete, I would say this was done for BMX riders, not skateboarders.

I think it’s funny that the city has painted over graffiti, but haven’t torn this up.

That’s Just Childish

Hot on the heels of NBC putting Community on hiatus, Childish Gambino (aka actor Donald Glover) releases his new album, Camp. Buy it on iTunes if you fancy like that, or stream it on Spoiler Alert: It’s pretty fucking good!

This Guy…

Ashlinn and I went to the farmer’s market in Portland today. It’s in the middle of Deering Oaks Park, which makes it very convenient to fit into my “squirrel play” schedule.