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Travel Back in Time

If you didn’t read The New Rules for Highly Evolved Humans in the August 2009 issue of Wired, than you are probably screwing up your life on a daily basis. I’m not saying that all the rules should be followed to a tee, in fact, some of the rules I object to entirely. They are all worth a read though, just to get a glimpse of what Wired writers believe to be mandatory etiquette. I am in particular favor of the following:
• If you bought it, you can rip it.
• Ignore your ex on Facebook
• Rotate your photos before you upload them.
• Balance your media diet (although I disagree that Facebook should get more time than video games. That’s just absurd.)
• Turn off “Sent from my iPhone” signature (should be done as soon as you open the box.)
• Dont type BRB, just go and come back.
• Avoid looking at other people’s screens.
• Hide your speaker wire (I’m trying, but it’s tough with a rental with hardwood floors.)
• Don’t work all the time, you’ll live to regret it.
• Wearing headphones means do not disturb.
And most importantly:
• Sometimes you have to break the rules.
These are just my favorites. You can see all the rules here.

Rain City

January has been unseasonably dry here in Seattle, which is unfortunate because I have recently picked up a wonderful piece of watertight bike gear. Meet the SealLine Urban backpack. I know what you’re thinking “Adam, that looks like a typical rolltop watertight backpack.” That’s precisely where you are wrong Sir or Madam. This is the BEST rolltop watertight backpack ever made, because I bought it, that’s why. Seriously, if you’re in the market for a backpack that is reeeeeeeally comfortable and reeeeeeeally watertight and reeeeeeeally beautiful looking, than this is the backpack for you. Did I mention that it’s got killer features like one handed fastening/unfastening? Or the waist AND sternum straps? Or that it’s filled with candy when you buy it?*
The material they use feels like it’s going to last forever. I can’t verify that it will because when I set my time machine to Year Infinity it trips the breaker in my apartment…so…
Here’s where I get critical. The inside of this bag is total devoid of any organizational compartments. It’s an empty bag. I’m pretty cool with that, but other people might not be. There’s no special rigid compartment for your phone. There’s no holster for your Klean Kanteen. There’s definitely not a padded sleeve for your laptop. You can deal with it, like me, or you can buy an assortment of accessories to solve even the smallest of your problems…Yes, even that one.
The bag comes in two sizes, big enough and way too big. I got the big enough one because I actually like being able to see over my shoulders when I ride.
If you’re not into two straps, check out the Shoulder Bag. Hmmm, not too shabby.
Thanks for joining me in today’s installment of “Adam Tells You What To Buy Yourself.” Come back soon and you’ll get to hear me tell you what kind of long underwear to buy (Spoiler Alert: It’s Ramblers Way!)

*Total lie.

Ashlinn found this quiz. Can you spot which piece of furniture is made by Donald Judd and which piece is sold at Wal-Mart? I don’t want to brag (actually I do), I got 100%

More Serious Than I Realized

I was going to write this up in a quick Facebook post, then I realized that this is far more important than that. This gets a whole blog post.
There is nothing better you can do with these things than make a grilled cheese sandwich. There is no arguing about it. Anything less than a grilled cheese sandwich is a waste of an opportunity for greatness.
This lady knows what’s up. I agree with everything she says except the nonstick pan, buy this instead!

“The war against hunger is truly mankind’s war of liberation.”
– John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Good Start

I’m 30 minutes into 2010 and I’ve already found free episodes of Rocko’s Modern Life on Xbox Live. I wonder what the next 8,759.5 hours will bring.