Light Lane – Very cool hypothetical bike light. More stuff like this can be found here:
Bike Hacks – How had I not found this earlier?
The Weish enters blogville!
Fuck Yeah Ryan Gosling – Some very funny Ryan Gosling pictures, my fav.
Dead Man’s Bones – “In the Room Where You Sleep” music video also featuring Ryan Gosling. I should not be this impressed with it, sue me.

If Amy would have just wrote a blog post about Ryan Gosling riding a bike we could have all saved a lot of time.

LOST “Jughead” Review

Wow, more Locke than I expected this early in the season. Here’s my 5 goods, bads and questions.

+ Ellie’s first person shooter shot
+ Widmore was an other? Woah. He’s funding all of Farraday’s experiments? 2x Woah.
+ Desmond honors a friend by naming his son Charlie Bloody Rock God Hume.
+ Locke and Richard’s entire interaction was great. “Hey, I’ll be born in a few years. Follow me around, be creepy. Oh yeah, try and stop my dad from throwing me out of a building please.”
+ Solution to nearly all problems: ” YOU BURY IT!”

– Juliet self reference as “an Other.” Don’t do that.
– Ellie’s refusal to unclench her teeth, even while speaking.
– Still too much Kate and Aaron
– This rapid series of answers is only a sign that the show will eventually end.
– Not enough alternative timelines. Let’s tear this space-time continuum apart!

1. Will back-in-the-day Widmore turn the frozen donkey wheel just like Ben?
2. Does he do it for a noble reason, totally skewing our previous perceptions of him? Is he going to be a good guy?
3. Why does Ellie look so familiar to Faraday? His mother, perhaps?
4. How old is Richard? How long do we have to wait before we see his 4-toed feet?
5. How long before Sawyer zings Richard Alpert for wearing too much makeup?

Class Action Lawsuit

If anybody else wants to partake in a class action lawsuit against ABC to refund the money I had to spend on orthodontic surgery due to how jaw-droppingly good last nights episode was, please email me.
Official review will be up soon.

President Barack Hussein Oballer

I know this is an old video, but it’s still awesome.

In more recent news, Obama is encouraging the EPA to approve California’s request to set stricter standards of automobile emissions. You can read more about it here. I’m not sure if it’s a step in the right direction, but at least it’s a step in a direction. Overall, it’s obviously a move towards auto manufacturers building better cars, because I can’t imagine any state deciding to loosen their restrictions at a time like this. Senator Voinovich does have a good point though; the American car companies are already up shit road without a clutch. I don’t believe that poor companies can get away with bad practices though. That’s how America’s poorest people have also become our fattest (sorry for the generalization, I know there’s tons of fat rich Americans too.) I will agree that Obama needs to move this country slowly. It’s like you’ve got a delicate ice sculpture on a flatbed trailer and you’re driving it across the desert. Sure, you need to get it out of the sun and into a fridge, but you also can’t drive so recklessly that it breaks. Here, I’ll draw you a picture:

I hope that clears up how I feel about the issue.

P.S. Ride a bike.


HOLD YOUR HORSES AND SHUT YOUR STUPID MOUTHS! posted an article about a new attempt at commercial success with the Flying Car. Not surprisingly, the company was formed by a group of MIT students. They are currently doing flight tests and if all goes well they plan to have models delivered in 2010. That only leaves 5 years for them to be common enough that I can fly down to see Jaws 19, grab a Pepsi at Cafe 80’s and thrash at the hoverboard park. I can’t wait!
Read more about it here: LINK!

LOST “Because You Left”/”The Lie” Review

Very few things get me as excited and leave me as satisfied as LOST does. I have been waiting 237 days for season 5 to start, and I am not disappointed. In season premieres of yesteryears, we were limited to a few characters. Not this time. We saw what pretty much everyone was up to in either on-island time or off-island time. I think the only character we really “missed” was Claire, which I can deal with, but I am curious where Christian and her ran off to (Daddy-daughter camping trip to the shack? Perhaps.)
As for the overall story, they did a good job of reminding us what’s up. Jack needs to round up the O6, and return them, with Locke, to the island. Meanwhile, Sawyer and Juliet inherit the title of Ambiguous Island “It” Couple and will be leading the rest of the survivors into a downward spiral. Or perhaps I should say a 33 rpm inward spiral, if we’re going with this new skipping record motif. I’m assuming that things get really bad on the island if Locke is willing to leave.
So now we’ve got this time travel thing going on, and it doesn’t appear to be the traditional BTTF/Timecop time traveling. It’s still a bit unclear to me, and hard to put into words, but it seems like the writers know where (or when) they are going with this. As long as Jack and Kate get to the island, go back in time and die in the caves together with their black and white rocks, I’ll be happy.
Off the island, Sun’s going to be a real pain in the ass. She obviously blames Jack for Jin’s third failed attempt at boating. We will not see the old Sun this season. She may actually turn into a standout character with screentime that amounts to something significant.
Jack’s fine, he’s doing his thing and I’ll wait patiently for more scenes like this and this.
I like Kate the best when she’s on the island. I never really appreciated her flashbacks as much as some other characters. So she may be on my shit list this season, but maybe not. One thing she could do to make the story better is to lose Aaron. I’m sick of it already.
Absolutely no complaints about Hurley and Sayid’s adventures. This kind of badass/fatass humor is exactly what good cop/bad cop, straight man/funny man, and all further Bad Boys movies should be like. Sayid takes a baker’s dozen darts (poisoned with tainted peanut butter) and still manages to properly fill the dishwasher and set it to “Expendable Thug” before passing out. The only thing that would have made Hurley’s Hot Pocket scene funnier is if he actually hit Ben and the scene had to play through with Ben covered in “seasoned taco meat and melted cheese wrapped in a crispy, cheesy corn tortilla flavored crust.”
Well done LOST, well done.


FrURLSday needs a theme song, or maybe just a midi file that you can play in the background as you browse.
Don’t worry, LOST Season premiere review is coming soon!

30 Rock – Funny scene with Tracy, Jenna & Kenneth. Tracy’s reactions to Kenneth’s suggestions were the funniest part.
Double Alley-Oop – Pull this off and you deserve space on Yahoo News’ frontpage.
Cheap, Homemade Bread Recipe – Incredibly easy and a fun challenge.
Thoughts from a Homeless Guy – This is actually a really great Craigslist post from a former homeless man.
Planning Your Bicycle Maintenance Schedule – Some handy advice from the Seattle Bicycle Touring Club

Career Options

While traveling this summer, Ashlinn and I speculated on the option of becoming mosquito net mask models. If you look at a successful mask model, you’ll notice how happy they look. That’s because all you need to do is put the mask on and realize how nice mosquito-free living is. The mask does all the work!
Here’s a few of my favorite examples of mosquito net mask models.

Unfortunately, as the last picture shows, a lot of the mosquito net mask model jobs are being replaced by robots. This is our own fault. We can’t allow technology to replace our souls!


Sorry about that folks, but I had too many video games to play and gaucemole to eat on Friday to organize my weeks worth of links.
Zombie Portraits – Send this guy a photo of yourself and he will illustrate you as a zombie. Awesome!
20 All Time Greatest Photo Bombers – Also commonly known as “That Guy” Photos.
The Skateboard Stairs
“Amazing Predator Rap” – Exactly what it sounds like (courtesy of Bagwell.)
“Guyz Night – Die Hard” – This should fill in any other needs you have from the Songs Based on Movies Category.
Skate Montage – From SAFilms. Points of interest include a 50-50 footplant at 1:08 and the most Ashton thing I’ve ever seen in skateboarding at 1:50.
Triple Burnout – Also courtesy of Bagwell.

As you’re aware, LOST returns this week on Wednesday. That means that I’ve got 13 episodes to rewatch in just a few days. It’ll be a pretty hardcore marathon, but I feel I have to do it to be ready for season 5. Plus, season 4 was an amazing set of episodes. It was probably the most concise, dramatic and well thought out season since the original season. I’m pretty sure that the decision to stop at 6 seasons came right before season 4 and the producers cheered about how this decision would allow them to plan out the rest of the series and make sure that the right stories got the right screentime. I fully agree with this and it has already been proven that the rest of the series will be better than anything you’ve ever seen on TV. Season 4 introduced more worthy on-island characters than any previous season (except for season one, of course.) The folks from the freighter have actually made the show better to watch. Maybe their storylines will eventually tank, but for now they are key players on the show.
Expect to see a full review of the season premiere here by the end of the week. And remember, I’m on the west coast now, so I don’t post an spoiler comments!