Gotta Stop

The following things must stop:

Smashing on the button that activates the crosswalk a hundred times. It will change when it’s ready. Knock it off.

The backpacks that are nothing but strings for straps and a sack that flops around on the center of your back. Is that comfortable? Really?

Wearing glasses. Isn’t this the oldest form of wearable technology? Shouldn’t we be far passed this by now?

I think I’ve mentioned this before; irrelevant keywording your Craigslist ad. Yes, I will keep flagging you until you stop.

This one is a little tough to follow, so just take it slow. Using the phrase “and/or” when you really just mean either “and” or “or.”

Please make note of these changes and modify your behavior as necessary.


FrURLSday needs a theme song, or maybe just a midi file that you can play in the background as you browse.
Don’t worry, LOST Season premiere review is coming soon!

30 Rock – Funny scene with Tracy, Jenna & Kenneth. Tracy’s reactions to Kenneth’s suggestions were the funniest part.
Double Alley-Oop – Pull this off and you deserve space on Yahoo News’ frontpage.
Cheap, Homemade Bread Recipe – Incredibly easy and a fun challenge.
Thoughts from a Homeless Guy – This is actually a really great Craigslist post from a former homeless man.
Planning Your Bicycle Maintenance Schedule – Some handy advice from the Seattle Bicycle Touring Club

The Other 7 Deadly Sins

8. Pedaling while standing up.
9. Misuse of Dad’s tools.
10. Rhyming “chest” and “breast” in a rap song.
11. Thinking the 3G iPhone is the third generation of iPhone.
12. Buying any milk that isn’t whole milk.
13. Not liking the “Bourne” movies.
14. Not knowing anything about what you are selling on Craigslist.
(Bonus: Not laughing at this.)