Sorry about that folks, but I had too many video games to play and gaucemole to eat on Friday to organize my weeks worth of links.
Zombie Portraits – Send this guy a photo of yourself and he will illustrate you as a zombie. Awesome!
20 All Time Greatest Photo Bombers – Also commonly known as “That Guy” Photos.
The Skateboard Stairs
“Amazing Predator Rap” – Exactly what it sounds like (courtesy of Bagwell.)
“Guyz Night – Die Hard” – This should fill in any other needs you have from the Songs Based on Movies Category.
Skate Montage – From SAFilms. Points of interest include a 50-50 footplant at 1:08 and the most Ashton thing I’ve ever seen in skateboarding at 1:50.
Triple Burnout – Also courtesy of Bagwell.

As you’re aware, LOST returns this week on Wednesday. That means that I’ve got 13 episodes to rewatch in just a few days. It’ll be a pretty hardcore marathon, but I feel I have to do it to be ready for season 5. Plus, season 4 was an amazing set of episodes. It was probably the most concise, dramatic and well thought out season since the original season. I’m pretty sure that the decision to stop at 6 seasons came right before season 4 and the producers cheered about how this decision would allow them to plan out the rest of the series and make sure that the right stories got the right screentime. I fully agree with this and it has already been proven that the rest of the series will be better than anything you’ve ever seen on TV. Season 4 introduced more worthy on-island characters than any previous season (except for season one, of course.) The folks from the freighter have actually made the show better to watch. Maybe their storylines will eventually tank, but for now they are key players on the show.
Expect to see a full review of the season premiere here by the end of the week. And remember, I’m on the west coast now, so I don’t post an spoiler comments!

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