So I had the feeling that I may have been posting a few too many short posts that were really only to share a link. I was telling Ashlinn that I may start to do a weeks worth of interesting links posted on Friday. She said I should do it on Thursday and call it ThURLsday. I googled it and a few people had already done it, so I’m sticking with FrURLsday. Which brings us to our first link:
Google Search results for Frurlsday, NOTHING!
Pop Rivet Ice Tires for Your Road Bike from Instructables.
The Project Tandem Teaser that came out earlier this month!
That’s it for now. These will get heavier once I am back on my normal schedule. BTW don’t attempt to eat decorative pine cones.

Holiday Travel

One flight down, one to go. I’m sitting in JFK, waiting to get on my flight to Portland. I might actually make it home for Christmas! Now I’m off to find the airport Dunkin’ Donuts!

Bonus: Expect more photo heavy posts, now that I’m a Flickr PRO user! You can all thank Ashlinn for that and this.

Da Economy

Interestingly though, I learned that Hummer has licensed it’s name out to a bicycle company. Guess what it is! Seriosuly, guess! You have to. IT’S A FULL SIZE BIKE BUILT FOR ROUGH TERRAIN BUT DISGUISED AS SOMETHING THAT YOU WOULD RIDE TO WORK ON! Stay the course boys, stay the frickin course.
Image hosted by Flickr.