The Recession

Time of death, 9:47 am June 2nd 2009.
Despite GM declairing bankruptcy, the Planet Money blog is telling me things are A-OK. Check out the sick graph there! I notice they forgot to mention that most people spent about $200 more on car companies recently than in the past. Weird.
Also they point out that people are cutting back on vacationing. Lots of people are partaking in “stay-cations,” where you find ways to relax at home, without all the travel and hotels and socially acceptable swimwear. I’m going to take this practice even further. Instead of telling the family that they’re getting a stay-cation, lie to them. Tell them you’re going to Hawaii, or France, or Amsterdam. Load them up in the car, drive around the block and pull right back into your driveway. Yell “JUST KIDDING” and give each family member a list of chores that they have to finish before the end of the day. Never bring them to Hawaii or France or Amsterdam. I call it the JK-tion.

Da Economy

Interestingly though, I learned that Hummer has licensed it’s name out to a bicycle company. Guess what it is! Seriosuly, guess! You have to. IT’S A FULL SIZE BIKE BUILT FOR ROUGH TERRAIN BUT DISGUISED AS SOMETHING THAT YOU WOULD RIDE TO WORK ON! Stay the course boys, stay the frickin course.
Image hosted by Flickr.