Leslie Buck, the designer of the most prominent icon of New York city is dead at 87. Nope, I’m not talking about any skyscrapers or sculptures or billboards. It’s the Anthora coffee cup with the Greek design that everybody knows. Crazy.
I’ll be sure to get a cup tomorrow while passing through that bizarre state.

Video Games, Everybody Loves Them

Just a month after me claiming that Xbox Achievements were the Boy Scout Merit Badge of today’s generation, the Boy Scouts of America have actually created a video game merit badge! This might be the easiest merit badge to get. Even easier than the Eat A Sandwich badge or the Remember to Wipe badge.
In more video game news, somebody call MENSA, because there is a new genius in town. Super Mario Crossover takes the original NES game, and allows you to play as other classic video game characters. Haven’t you always wondered how Mega Man would stack up against the Hammer Bros?
One more thing, Valve has until end of day tomorrow to release it’s Steam client for Mac, as they promised to do so before the end of April. Please don’t let me down.

See you guys soon.

Hatchet Key Hook

This is the newest cool thing in my apartment. You would be surprised how hard it is to cut through a hatchet head on an angle like this. It was equally as difficult to drill a hole through it so it could be mounted securely to the wall. It was originally going to be for hanging coats on, but then Ashlinn pointed out that we don’t need a way to display our coats. That is what coat closets are for! So instead I attached the little brass hooks for keys along the handle. Never before has a key hook been so badass.