Hatchet Key Hook

This is the newest cool thing in my apartment. You would be surprised how hard it is to cut through a hatchet head on an angle like this. It was equally as difficult to drill a hole through it so it could be mounted securely to the wall. It was originally going to be for hanging coats on, but then Ashlinn pointed out that we don’t need a way to display our coats. That is what coat closets are for! So instead I attached the little brass hooks for keys along the handle. Never before has a key hook been so badass.


12 thoughts on “Hatchet Key Hook”

  1. That is awesome. You actually cut the blade off the hatchet to hang it? If I had this brilliant idea, I don’t think I would have considered cutting the blade, I would take my anger out on the wall and, oops, there seems to be a key hook on our wall. Great idea!

  2. You should cut some ninja throwing stars and glue those around the same wall area to give it a little more…

  3. I would like to order one in red with naturally stained wood. It will be perfect for my foyer. I assume instructions for mounting are included. Please make this a rush order; I’ll use my PayPal account.

    Many thanks,
    Sarah Palin

  4. So I am definitely going to make one of these for my house. What kind of saw did you use to cut through the blade?
    My dad has several that would be available to me, I just don’t want to ruin the axe head by chewing it up with the wrong kind of saw. Thanks!

  5. Short story; the blade was cut with a disc grinder, using a metal cutting disc. It’s actually pretty quick, but you’ll need a vice to keep a straight cut.

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