“But You Just Stopped Sucking”

That was the reaction I got from one of the guys I am working for when he found out I was leaving for Seattle. This is also probably news to you guys as well. Portland is great, and I am enjoying my time here, but I applied for and received a position at a cool grip and lighting rental company in Seattle. Shortly after this, he gave me a $50 gift card for a restaurant in Beaverton. He said I was the only person cheap enough to travel 25 minutes for a free meal (and it’s probably true.)
Regardless of the new job, the real reason I came here has to do with two things.
1. There is a Dunkin’ Donuts here…There are none in Portland. I’m not making this up. It’s fact. You can’t just make up facts!
2. There’s an underwater Denny’s restaurant…or at least that’s what this Google Map is trying to tell me.
If an underwater 24 hour restaurant can survive in this city, than I am meant to be here.
Other bonuses are the huge room in the house I just moved in to, the REI flagship store, my 1.7 mile commute, and the Xbox 360 that was already here, ready for me to play it.
Ashlinn helped me find furniture around Seattle to set up my new room. I got a desk for $1, a free shelf, and a plastic mat to put underneath my bike (it’ll be wet from the Seattle rain!) I also got a brand new free tire, so I am using it as my desk chair:

That’s all I can tell you about Seattle for now. Once I get a little more settled in I can probably relay some better stories about it. Until then…
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Corporate Bailout

OK listen up. AIG got a $75 billion dollar bailout from the government. AIG has approximately 116,000 employees. That means each employee was worth $646,551.72 of the bailout. Surely the government can spare a measly $50,000 and drag me out of my student loan debt…right? Come on, it’s not like I used my college education to give money to people I knew couldn’t pay me back. Give me a break!


I have a few congratulations to dole out. Congratulations to Anelisa Garfunkle for being accepted into the Los Angeles International Children’s Film Festival.
Also, congratualations to Alan and Mo, aka Project Tandem. They have completed 2 days out of what probably seems like a million ahead of them. They have done 100 miles in 2 days, which I believe puts them 3 miles ahead of Ashlinn and I at the end of our second day!
One more congratulations for teens! According to a study 99 percent of boys and 94 percent of girls play video games on a regular basis…GOOD FOR YOU!

Peanut Butter & Bacon

My favorite sandwich is made up of two pieces of toast, slathered with peanut butter, and filled with crispy bacon. I have eaten this sandwich since I was younger, and it was the most variety in a single meal that I had until I was in college. It was the only thing that my sister and I could agree on when we were kids (except she chose to eat hers open faced, while I went for the closed face.) Recently I was amazed by how thick and strong a piece of bacon was, that I realized it was capable of supporting peanut butter on top of it. Cut out the bread and just let the meats and pastes hang out without the pressure of all those carbs. Surprisingly (to me, probably not to anybody else) it totally sucked. The ratios were all off, and it didn’t have the same feeling to it. I was disappointed beyond belief. I did make sure to document it before I ate it though. Feel free to try it, but be forewarned, it’s not as good as it looks.

By the way, you may notice a new link just below the header image of this blog. That link will bring you to my new collection of photos taken while riding my bike. They will most likely take place during my commute to or from work, but may also include the late night ride around town. It’s kind of a hybrid between Bagwell’s Digital Diary and Alan & Mo’s Project Tandem (someday I’ll get my own ideas. I promise.)
In conclusion, somebody better buy me one of the new iPods soon.
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Ashlinn and I moved into a new house today. In fact, we moved into Garrett’s old room. It’s a cool house, and definitely a lot cheaper than our last sublet. There are also chickens and a garden in the backyard. Those little guys are going to be popping out eggs real soon.
City Chicken!
Also, it’s my grandmother’s 88th birthday, which gave me the idea for this:

Now is a good time to give a shout out to Flickr for kindly hosting my pictures.

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funny pictures
moar funny pictures