NW Dog Situation

Ashlinn found a dog yesterday in Portland.

She posted a Found ad on Craigslist. The dog is very friendly and has already learned how to sit and lay down. Ashlinn thinks it doesn’t know English. If you know someone who lost a dog that matches this one, please give her a call!


Ashlinn and I moved into a new house today. In fact, we moved into Garrett’s old room. It’s a cool house, and definitely a lot cheaper than our last sublet. There are also chickens and a garden in the backyard. Those little guys are going to be popping out eggs real soon.
City Chicken!
Also, it’s my grandmother’s 88th birthday, which gave me the idea for this:

Now is a good time to give a shout out to Flickr for kindly hosting my pictures.

Epic & Portland Graffiti


I can’t think of a more exciting idea than this. It easily beats out the potential for an invisibility cloak that I was reading about a few weeks ago. It seems that technology is taking a turn for the magical, because Intel is also working on “shape-shifting” technology. This all sounds very Harry Potter to me. Microsoft also finally debuted Photosynth, but it only works on Windows XP or Vista machines. If somebody wants to buy me XP, I would be surprisingly happy.

I haven’t seen a ton of graffiti in Portland that blew my mind, but some of it is particularly hilarious.

These are also on my Flickr page.

More Pictures!

I finally found the cable for my SLR. I uploaded some pictures from the second half of our cross country trip. Most of these are from South Dakota, Montana and Oregon (there wasn’t much to take pictures of in Idaho.)

Check out my Flickr page if you want to read the descriptions.