Technology, Where Are You?

OK, I’ll admit it, cars can do some pretty cool things. Do you remember the first time you saw power windows? How about the first time you experienced cruise control first hand? Do you remember how amazed you were when you realized that there’s an iPod cable in the center console that connects to your stereo? It displays the track names right there in the dash. You can change the track from buttons on the damn steering wheel. With the new Ford Sync, you can control your iPod by just shouting commands. It will even read you your text messages! We’ve got solar powered ventilation systems. Your car knows where you are, when to turn right and what traffic to avoid. They put cameras in the back bumper so you don’t even need to turn your head around while you back up for Chrissakes. But here’s the deal: Why isn’t there an in-car refrigerator yet? If I can’t leave a delicious Coca Cola in my car all day long without it warming up to piss temperatures, than how am I supposed to fully enjoy owning a car?

Car manufacturers, the ball is in your court.

Peanut Butter & Bacon

My favorite sandwich is made up of two pieces of toast, slathered with peanut butter, and filled with crispy bacon. I have eaten this sandwich since I was younger, and it was the most variety in a single meal that I had until I was in college. It was the only thing that my sister and I could agree on when we were kids (except she chose to eat hers open faced, while I went for the closed face.) Recently I was amazed by how thick and strong a piece of bacon was, that I realized it was capable of supporting peanut butter on top of it. Cut out the bread and just let the meats and pastes hang out without the pressure of all those carbs. Surprisingly (to me, probably not to anybody else) it totally sucked. The ratios were all off, and it didn’t have the same feeling to it. I was disappointed beyond belief. I did make sure to document it before I ate it though. Feel free to try it, but be forewarned, it’s not as good as it looks.

By the way, you may notice a new link just below the header image of this blog. That link will bring you to my new collection of photos taken while riding my bike. They will most likely take place during my commute to or from work, but may also include the late night ride around town. It’s kind of a hybrid between Bagwell’s Digital Diary and Alan & Mo’s Project Tandem (someday I’ll get my own ideas. I promise.)
In conclusion, somebody better buy me one of the new iPods soon.
Image hosted by Flickr.