Pants Challenge Response!

Alan and Mo, collectively known as Project Tandem, along with Workshops friend John Barduhn have posted a Pants Challenge Response on Vimeo. I am very impressed. At the end of their video, they call me out to come up with another challenge. Time and time again Alan and Mo have proven that they can bike further, photograph cooler and hold their vodka better. They are very competitive people, and I look forward to further battles.
In very related news, the following commercial was mentioned at work today. I hadn’t seen it until I got home, and I’m blown away. Some of it seems too crazy to believe, and it was certainly down with more production value than the visuals lead one to believe, but I do recognize legit pants talent when I see it.

Unrelated, I’d like to give a big thanks to Ben Smart for forwarding his blog traffic my way. Sweet!

And finally, happy birthday to Virginia! Hopefully the motherland is treating you well.

Image hosted by Flickr.


Thanks mostly to my mother, I have exactly enough socks to make it through one month. Oddly enough though, I am constantly washing them and wearing dirty pairs.

5 Hot Trends I Can Guarantee for ’09

5. Awful Green Reality TV – FOX, listen up: A group of young eco-conscious, vegans living together. They compost, they use CFL bulbs, and they conserve water by never showering. Here’s the catch, one of them is a secret yuppie posing as one of Mother Nature’s children. Will the rest of the cast find out? Or will he/she convince them to start wearing leather, shampooing their hair and getting a real job? Tune in after Beverly Hills Chihuahua: The Series to find out.
4. Two-Way Audio Mobi-Blogging – Sure, it sounds crazy, but I have the feeling that by 2009 we will have the technology to audio blog one on one with another person from our mobile phones. This won’t require a computer, internet connection, or even a brain in most cases. “Boy, that Adam sure is ahead of his time.” I hear that a lot.
3. Clothes that are chosen for their function, not their fashion – Haha, just kidding! Check out what’s new at Urban Outfitters!
2. Guns – Economic trouble can only lead to one thing, people dying. There’s two sides of every death; the dead and the still alive. Trust me, if you own a gun, you’ll be sitting pretty when things get ugly.
1. Shaving Cream Earrings – I’ve been talking about this one for a while, and I think it’s time that it gets a bit more recognition. You know when you’re shaving your face, and you’ve got shaving cream everywhere, and you wash off and you think you’ve got it all, then you notice two blobs of shaving cream on your ear lobes? You wash it off, right? That is so 2008. In 2009, men will leave the shaving cream earrings on as a sign that they are recently shaven and well maintained. It will be briefly followed up with the toothpaste soul patch.


If you’re like me when it comes to computers, you should download WhatSize. It’s a freeware application that looks at your hard drive and tells you where the biggest files and folders are. This is really helpful when trying to figure out what should be moved to an external hard drive.

Fail Blog!

Hey, I’m on Failblog! That probably makes me the most famous person you know! Click this link, I’m in the bottom picture…Don’t see me? That’s my black and red backpack on the right. HA! Failblog hosted a get-together at King’s Hardware in Ballard, which is just across the bridge from where I live. They have skeeball and a burger with peanut butter and bacon on it!

November is Peanut Butter Lovers Month!

I was recently informed that November (that’s right now) is peanut butter lovers month. I learned of this through NowPublic, a participatory news network. I haven’t spent much time on the site yet, but it does seem interesting. You can read more about what November means and see a photo that I posted a few months ago here.

NW Dog Situation

Ashlinn found a dog yesterday in Portland.

She posted a Found ad on Craigslist. The dog is very friendly and has already learned how to sit and lay down. Ashlinn thinks it doesn’t know English. If you know someone who lost a dog that matches this one, please give her a call!