Top 5 Reasons LOST is Better Than Fringe

1. LOST has a contingency plan: If you need a character to do or feel something, just throw in a flashback. I’m not saying they invent stuff just to save their asses, but they’ve always got the option. Fringe characters are two dimensional, and haven’t progressed since episode one. I can’t wait for the reveal that Peter is Walter’s clone, or Olivia Dunham is actually just an experiment that fits into The Pattern.
2. LOST knows it’s audience. They have such an established fan base, and know what they want and what they will accept. Honestly, if a bomb drops in the Lost world, it’s like somebody tells me that they can levitate, and then they do it. They tell me that green is red and tripods have 4 legs. It’s mind boggling.
I don’t think Fringe has found it’s audience yet ( or any audience really. HEY-OH!) I think it’s too early for them to really know who is going to stay committed to this show. Is this show going to become a weekly celebration, or is it something people will catch if their real favorite show is a rerun? But who knows, Dancing with the Stars is the number two ranked show, and there are three CSI within the top 15. TV sucks a lot.
3. Not every episode of LOST ends with a conclusion. This is such an important aspect of LOST. Weeks can go by without a resolution. I’m sure a lot of people would complain about this, and it probably keeps new viewers from really getting into it, but I think it’s one of the most crucial factors of the story arc.
Sadly, Fringe finds it more important to tidy nearly everything up at the end of an episode, with nothing but hints to a link between each of the episodes mysterious plots. So far, I’m failing to see where this is going to go, but they are only on episode 6. (Note: LOST was already in the caves and Jack was seeing his father on the island by the end of episode 6!)
4. Everybody loves a tale of survival. Maybe I like these stories more than other people, but surviving in dire circumstances is the grounds for a great story. When everything seems to be working against the protagonist, and he or she never looses sight of what they need to accomplish you connect with them on a different level. At no point have I ever feared for or connected with Agent Dunham.
5. This

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3 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons LOST is Better Than Fringe”

  1. Great list, I agree completely. I think that any J J Abrams show will be a failure of some kind because it will be compared to Lost, and how can anything beat Lost?

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