Celery Generals

While on North Haven, Bagwell made us play his modified version of Celery Generals. In his version, each person constructs a few men made of celery then hides them around the house. If somebody knocks over or destroys your celery general, they have to eat it.
The final celery general.

Maine Cyclist Shirt!

I’m spending a few days on North Haven, hanging out with friends, starting fires, going surprise swimming and screen printing shirts at Fox I Printworks.

Greasy Father

It turns out there are no bicycle shops in western Maine that stock hub grease. This became an issue when I went to overhaul the front and rear hubs and the headset on the Puch. As usual, there’s a solution in Dad’s garage, but it ain’t pretty.
I suppose it’s close enough to what I would have bought at a bike shop, but the color is going to be very misleading when I open it up to inspect for dirt later.