Let’s FrURL This Club Up!

See if you can find the connection between each of this weeks FrURLSday links. The answer is at the bottom.

Topless Coffee Shop – Maine has been acting stranger than usual lately.

Nintendo8.com – Play tons of Nintendo games online. Yeah, you need to use your keyboard, which is the worst thing about emulated games, but it’ still nice to see that fat Italian play golf.

Project Tandem updated their website. It looks pretty spiffy. Can you believe they did this while riding a bike? They also have a sweet new blog, powered by WordPress!

Brenton Hamilton added some new content to his IV gallery. You should check it out!

SAT Scores vs. The Music You Listen To – This is interesting, but it thinks I’m not smart enough to listen to The Killers. Are you kidding me? Oops, apparently they can levitate.

Jumpman – A super fun and very addictive game. So simple and it comes with a level editor.

Skate 2 Create-A-Spot – Create-A-Spot is the coolest new feature in Skate. 2. I can’t stop moving dumpsters, benches and kickers. I found this video on da ‘tube of someone recreating Stairs to Nowhere, nearly verbatim (unintentionally, I’m sure.)

Spider drawing – The email conversation between a woman trying to get her money and a man who doesn’t have the money to give her. Very very funny. Courtesy of Mat-Thorne.

Glass Top Pool Table – Very strange, but I want it. Also, I think I just found a website Bagwell will like more than Jalopnik.

Ha, I’m just kidding, there’s no real connection.

Signs of the Apocalypse

Perhaps you’ve noticed that strange feeling in the air. It feels like we’re on the brink of something. Maybe it’s something good…but then again, it’s probably something awful. Proof:
Ebay customer pays $186,853.09 for an 867-5309 phone number! I’m sure this individual’s irresponsible use of money has absolutely no connection with the irresponsible use of money that has made the gun industry more profitable than the real estate industry.
(You remember the Tommy Tutone song, right? If you don’t, here’s a live performance on Youtube! Have fun getting that one out of your head!)

Amazon appears to think I’m a cat burglar of fine homes. Thanks for the recommendations guys.

The biggest sign that we’re about to be knee deep in manure from the four horsemen? Limp Bizkit has announced they are reuniting for a tour and a new album. Their reasoning you ask? They belief that the rest of music has declined below where they left off, so their bound to reach stardom again. Makes perfect sense I guess!

I know this was a bit of a downer, but you may find solace in this list of “recession babies.”

“This Place is Death” & “316” Review

This Place is Death
The first time I watched “TPID” I was really unimpressed, mostly because of the abundance of Charlotte. Thank God she finally kicked the bucket at the end, after giving us her greatest contribution to the storyline so far; Faraday has been skateboarding around time to try to correct his greatest fuck ups. I can’t wait until they show him accidentally bringing his own mom to the Other’s Prom. The other reason this episode was the weakest of the season was the excess Sun. Yeah, she’s crazy, we get it. The last thing we need though is an episode filled with two secondary female characters trying to take the lead.
The biggest thing saving this episode is, surprisingly, Danielle Rousseau and her science crew. The producers had assured us that we would eventually see more of Danielle’s backstory and we’re finally getting it. I think Danielle was well played by the new actress (who actually has a French accent) and her baby’s daddy was one of the best characters I’ve seen on the show in a long time. Way cooler than Faraday, honestly.

This episode, unlike the previous, instantly struck me as the best one of the season so far. I didn’t think an off-island episode would ever be this good. First off, it was confirmed that Desmond remembered Ms. Hawking, which makes perfect sense because those memories should only be about three years old, since they didn’t actually happen until just before they got rescued. You follow me?
Another awesome thing about the episode is the invisible force that keeps Jack from drinking again. As he sat at a bar with a drink in front of him, Jack suddenly gets a call that brings him to a nursing home to visit his random grampa; Randpa. Later, when he gets home, he pours himself a drink but is distracted by a noisy Kate hiding in the bedroom. Which brings me to my favorite part of the episode! They finally did what I was hoping for. They killed off Aaron! OK, maybe they didn’t kill him, but I can only assume that Kate put him in a suitcase and kicked it off a bridge.
Oh shit! The Lap is back!
And then the closing surprise of Jin showing up in a cherry DI bus, clad in Dharma gear. I was very curious when the Ajira flight would drop the O6. Seems to be mid 70’s, Jin, and hopefully the rest of the cool survivors, have infiltrated the DI.
The only bogus part of the episode was the ridiculous second grade teacher tone that Eloise Hawking had to talk in to explain the pendulum. Come on!

Things I want explained, PRONTO:
What’s with Hurley’s guitar case? Is that a Charlie thing?
Who was the clever fellow who built the pendulum? Was it Widmore, using the Dharma Initiative to gain access to the island?
Is the frequency and placement of the time flashes significant or totally constructed just to tell awesome stories?
When Locke falls into the cave, is that a bone sticking out of his leg or is it a stick jabbed into it?
Will we ever see what’s down the smoke rabbit hole?

Ultimate FrURLSday

To make up for last weeks lack of dedication, this weeks FrURLs will be of the highest quality and even broken down into categories. I hope you enjoy!

Top Priorities:
The Adam Carolla Podcast – Aceman lost his show this week. He plans to eventually podcast
Nanerpus Denny’s Commercial – I could watch Nanerpus for hours.
Dissapproving Rabbit Eats Parsley
Soda Can Stove – Cheap camping stove you can make yourself!
Garry’s Mod – If you happen to own a Valve Source engine, you should download Garry’s Mod. You can learn more about what it actually is here.
Lostify – Not as Lost related as you think. It’s an app to edit the metadata in MP4 files, which is very useful if you have a lot of videos in your iTunes.
ThriftMac – An excellent source for Mac freeware!
Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo – Make this, send me some.
Red & Blue Salad – Please don’t make fun of me for reading Men’s Health.
Rolling Resistance – At the very least, it’s an excellent name for a bike issues blog.
1000 Anagrams for Adam Belanger – My favorites would have to be “damnable gear” “a beard mangle” and of course “anal bead germ.”

FrURLSday Postpwned

You may have noticed that there was no FrURLSday last week. That’s because as of Friday there was nothing new on the internet to share with you. I have literally already shared with you the entire internet…the entirenet.
Allow me to illustrate it with a pie chart:

You’re welcome.

Phuck This

OK, I’ve been biting my tongue about the whole Michael Phelps/Kellogg’s debacle, and I can do so no longer. You don’t want the image of a drug user on your cereal box?
Barack used coke, pot and alcohol during his teen years to “push questions of who I was out of my mind.” Come on Kellogg’s. The only difference between these two men’s drug use is that Barack was smart and told people about it before somebody else did. Phelps got outed and scandal ensued and he was forced into apologizing. Here’s what Phelp’s apology should have looked like:

I really hope that his apology wasn’t sincere at all, because nobody should care. If Kellogg’s hadn’t been the spotlight of the whole deal, would they have lost any business? NO! Nobody fucking cares who’s on their cereal box! (One exception.) The guy already pleaded guilty to one DUI charge (while underage.) What sets a worse example? Alcohol impaired crashes kill roughly 13,000 a year. Marijuana related deaths usually hover around…..0. Then again, Phelps may end up like this guy.

LOST “The Little Prince” Review & Comic 2

I’ve got to be honest with you, this episode is the weakest of the season so far. Maybe it’s just because I hate off-island Kate, but I would be much happier with an on-island/Desmond episode, until, of course Desmond is chillin’ with Kate in LA.
This episode did do a decent job of clearing up some of the questions I had about the time traveling deal. Yes, you can see what’s going on with past representations of island folk, and you may be able to interact with yourself? Perhaps? Doesn’t that go against the whole “your mind traveling through time, not your body” thing? I remember seeing the beam of light in the preview from last week and being pumped for it. John’s reaction to seeing it was awesome, and it hearkened back to the days of exciting drama that just happened to take place on a crazy island, instead of the current crazy island drama.

+ Faraday pretty much confirmed that Miles is Marvin Candle’s son. Case closed
+ Claire scenes without actually having to listen to anything new from her.
+ Young preggers Rousseau. How long have we been waiting for this?
+ On-island Kate makes an appearance…sweet.
+ Jin? Seriously?

– Jin? Seriously?
– Juliet’s facial hemorrhaging…eww
– Tony the nurse gives it up too easily. What kind of babies is Widmore hiring? Dharma henchmen will take a bullet before giving it up.
– The future inhabitants of the island apparently think it’s appropriate to wear blackface (and suck at aiming.)
– Still too much Aaron.

Alec in Huluwood – For those who “missed” the Superbowl, here’s the amazing Hulu commercial. I didn’t think it was possible, but this commercial actually made me love Hulu even more.


The old internet machine has taken a bit of a back seat this week. I’ve got shelves to build, lights to paint and more trail mix than I know what to do with. Seriously, where am I going to put all this trail mix.
Lovely Listing – A blog dedicated to poorly photographed apartments in rental ads. It’s sad that this blog has so much material. The writing isn’t great, but the pictures are hilarious! Courtesy of Ashlinn.
Wainy Days – David Wain’s webisodes. Funny stuff.
Keamy’s Paradise – For those who just can’t get over that season 4 madman.
Vern Fonk I swear to God, these are real commercials for a real insurance company. The northwest is weird.
Turn off your cell phone! – The funny thing is that I originally tried to watch this on my cell phone at work. OK, that’s not the funny thing. The funny thing is the guy trying to kill the other guy (spoiler). Courtesy of Bagtown.

The Dentist

Everything I have ever found funny in the past was just preparing me for this:

Perhaps you’ve already seen it, along with the other 750,000 4,500,000 views it has gotten. Ashlinn says this is what I’m like when I’m drunk. Notice the Bat Boy moment at 1:00.
Courtesy of Laura Sabatie.