Ultimate FrURLSday

To make up for last weeks lack of dedication, this weeks FrURLs will be of the highest quality and even broken down into categories. I hope you enjoy!

Top Priorities:
The Adam Carolla Podcast – Aceman lost his show this week. He plans to eventually podcast
Nanerpus Denny’s Commercial – I could watch Nanerpus for hours.
Dissapproving Rabbit Eats Parsley
Soda Can Stove – Cheap camping stove you can make yourself!
Garry’s Mod – If you happen to own a Valve Source engine, you should download Garry’s Mod. You can learn more about what it actually is here.
Lostify – Not as Lost related as you think. It’s an app to edit the metadata in MP4 files, which is very useful if you have a lot of videos in your iTunes.
ThriftMac – An excellent source for Mac freeware!
Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo – Make this, send me some.
Red & Blue Salad – Please don’t make fun of me for reading Men’s Health.
Rolling Resistance – At the very least, it’s an excellent name for a bike issues blog.
1000 Anagrams for Adam Belanger – My favorites would have to be “damnable gear” “a beard mangle” and of course “anal bead germ.”