Phuck This

OK, I’ve been biting my tongue about the whole Michael Phelps/Kellogg’s debacle, and I can do so no longer. You don’t want the image of a drug user on your cereal box?
Barack used coke, pot and alcohol during his teen years to “push questions of who I was out of my mind.” Come on Kellogg’s. The only difference between these two men’s drug use is that Barack was smart and told people about it before somebody else did. Phelps got outed and scandal ensued and he was forced into apologizing. Here’s what Phelp’s apology should have looked like:

I really hope that his apology wasn’t sincere at all, because nobody should care. If Kellogg’s hadn’t been the spotlight of the whole deal, would they have lost any business? NO! Nobody fucking cares who’s on their cereal box! (One exception.) The guy already pleaded guilty to one DUI charge (while underage.) What sets a worse example? Alcohol impaired crashes kill roughly 13,000 a year. Marijuana related deaths usually hover around…..0. Then again, Phelps may end up like this guy.

3 thoughts on “Phuck This”

  1. This is an awsome graffic. Perfect for what I feel. Hello there I can smoke and beat everyone in the world. There seems to be no limit to how many chemicals one can fit into a cigarette and no legal bounds of drunkenness, yet one puff of this stuff is too much? Thank you Barak, and Bill you can stand up now too and admit you inhaled. Times have changed, and we all don’t not smoke! (if you know what I mean)

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