LOST “The Little Prince” Review & Comic 2

I’ve got to be honest with you, this episode is the weakest of the season so far. Maybe it’s just because I hate off-island Kate, but I would be much happier with an on-island/Desmond episode, until, of course Desmond is chillin’ with Kate in LA.
This episode did do a decent job of clearing up some of the questions I had about the time traveling deal. Yes, you can see what’s going on with past representations of island folk, and you may be able to interact with yourself? Perhaps? Doesn’t that go against the whole “your mind traveling through time, not your body” thing? I remember seeing the beam of light in the preview from last week and being pumped for it. John’s reaction to seeing it was awesome, and it hearkened back to the days of exciting drama that just happened to take place on a crazy island, instead of the current crazy island drama.

+ Faraday pretty much confirmed that Miles is Marvin Candle’s son. Case closed
+ Claire scenes without actually having to listen to anything new from her.
+ Young preggers Rousseau. How long have we been waiting for this?
+ On-island Kate makes an appearance…sweet.
+ Jin? Seriously?

– Jin? Seriously?
– Juliet’s facial hemorrhaging…eww
– Tony the nurse gives it up too easily. What kind of babies is Widmore hiring? Dharma henchmen will take a bullet before giving it up.
– The future inhabitants of the island apparently think it’s appropriate to wear blackface (and suck at aiming.)
– Still too much Aaron.

Alec in Huluwood – For those who “missed” the Superbowl, here’s the amazing Hulu commercial. I didn’t think it was possible, but this commercial actually made me love Hulu even more.

2 thoughts on “LOST “The Little Prince” Review & Comic 2”

  1. I hope the Locke narrative isn’t going where I think it is. But this is what it’s starting to look like to me: Locke has been led to believe (by both Richard and Ben) that he has to die off island in order to save it from some sort of impending catastrophe. My guess is that you can’t be dead in the past if you’ve been alive in the future. So once he goes back in time to the island, he’ll be resurrected. And his resurrection will solidify the Others’ perception that he’s their Jesus-like leader. Which will annoy all the survivors. And eventually he will herocially sacrifice himself to save the island–maybe from a nuclear disaster or something like that. And for continuity, the sacrifice will occur at the same time he died off island.

    Here are some other predictions:

    1) The time skipping will affect Jin so that he leaves teenage Rouseau and company and syncs up with the other survivors. Maybe the same thing will happen to the Oceanic 6 at some point after they arrive.

    2) If they time skip to when the Dharma Initiative’s time machine was still intact, there will be a suspenceful race to get to the machine.

    3) Once Aaron is back on the island, Claire is bound to re-emerge from the jungle. Maybe only Aaron will be able to see her. Maybe he’ll get delightfully spooky.

    Here are my new questions:

    1) How did Rouseau’s compatriots die? What was that mysterious illness about? Radiation poisoning? If they were scientists, what were they studying? Does anyone remember what Rouseau originally said about that?

    2) Why do the Oceanic 6 have to go back to the island to save the other survivors? Do they have to go back to a precise point in time to change the coarse of events? Will they need to infiltrate the Dharma Initiative? (I hope!) Farraday was doing that when he ran into lab coat guy. And what was he up to with that cannister he left on the ground? Does it contain some sort of gas?

    Personally, I liked the “Little Prince.” I admit that it’s not as much fun when Lost answers questions in ways we’ve already predicted. But at least it raised a few new ones and opened up some tasty possibilties.

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