Cost Efficiency

I have been making coffee for the last few years in a Melita coffee cone, using disposable filters for each cup. I buy the 100 pack of unbleached filters from Trader Joe’s for $1.99, or $2.10 after tax. That means each filter costs 2.1¢. I think to myself “geez, these filters are probably adding up to a lot of money over the years” and I start investigating other options. 

This is the Francois Et Mimi 12 oz. double wall stainless steel french press. There’s nothing too special about it, but it does cost $34.50 and requires no additional filters.
So if each 100 pack of filters costs me $2.10, the french press will start saving me money after only 17 packs. That’s obviously 1,700 cups of coffee. If I continue drinking only one cup of coffee per day, I will reach this goal after 4.66 years. After this point, I will be saving $7.67 per year on coffee filters. Not bad for a sub five year investment.

Someone should probably check my math though, I’m only half way through my coffee.