I’ve been following Alex Wetmore’s blog for a while now. He seems to be quite the skilled framebuilder, and that is clear in his newest post. The “adventure touring bike” is a filet brazed frame with S&S couplers and a killer fork crown.

More images can be seen on his blog and his smugmug. This post is deep into the Want category.


I just got to my parents house last night and found out my dad is building a shanty town in his garage. I’m not sure if he plans on living in there, but at least it’s well ventilated.


Butter, Sage, Salt & Pepper

This ended up coating the sweet potato ravioli that Ashlinn and I made for dinner with my parents. Those were hard to photograph because they were gone very quickly!

Winter Cleaning

I tore apart the drivetrain of my Trek 520 yesterday to clean it. Once it was back together it was looking rather photogenic.

Valve stems at 6 o’clock, cranks at 3 o’clock, biggest chainring, disregard the jack stand.

I believe this is the first time I’ve showed off my new (old) headlight. I’ve had the dynamo hub since last June. I built up a wheel with it, but never bought a light. I had the shell of this old light and decided to replace the old guts with a new socket and wiring. It has worked incredibly well so far, but I’m looking to find a more aesthetically pleasing mount.

My sister got me a Thermos for Christmas. A couple days after Christmas I had to leave for a photoshoot at 5am. To prepare for it, I bought coffee at 3pm the previous day. It was still at tongue burning temperatures when I woke up.

One day, that adapter is going to come in very handy. Also, this rear light needs a cleaner mount as well….Hrmmmmm….

Perhaps It’s Time for Frivolous Indulgences

This right here is a $295 spoke tensiometer. This $295 device is the most accurate way to make sure your bicycle wheel is built with even tension throughout all of the spokes. It’s only $295. You can buy me one here. It comes with a spare battery.