LOST “Jughead” Review

Wow, more Locke than I expected this early in the season. Here’s my 5 goods, bads and questions.

+ Ellie’s first person shooter shot
+ Widmore was an other? Woah. He’s funding all of Farraday’s experiments? 2x Woah.
+ Desmond honors a friend by naming his son Charlie Bloody Rock God Hume.
+ Locke and Richard’s entire interaction was great. “Hey, I’ll be born in a few years. Follow me around, be creepy. Oh yeah, try and stop my dad from throwing me out of a building please.”
+ Solution to nearly all problems: ” YOU BURY IT!”

– Juliet self reference as “an Other.” Don’t do that.
– Ellie’s refusal to unclench her teeth, even while speaking.
– Still too much Kate and Aaron
– This rapid series of answers is only a sign that the show will eventually end.
– Not enough alternative timelines. Let’s tear this space-time continuum apart!

1. Will back-in-the-day Widmore turn the frozen donkey wheel just like Ben?
2. Does he do it for a noble reason, totally skewing our previous perceptions of him? Is he going to be a good guy?
3. Why does Ellie look so familiar to Faraday? His mother, perhaps?
4. How old is Richard? How long do we have to wait before we see his 4-toed feet?
5. How long before Sawyer zings Richard Alpert for wearing too much makeup?

1 thought on “LOST “Jughead” Review”

  1. A question from this season’s first two episodes: It only took 3 minutes for Farraday to have that chat with Desmond at the hatch about finding his Mum at Oxford. But when he gets back to the beach the gang says he’s been gone 2 hours. He says he got lost. What do you think Farraday has been doing? It’s 1954 or so at this point. It’s pre-Dharma Initiative with Richard and the Others living in Army tents left from the U.S. military they just killed. Did Farraday go check out the Blackrock? Did he dig up something he buried earlier? Did he take a much needed bath in the creek and clip his toe nails? And why doesn’t anyone grab that book of his and try to make sense of his notes on all his time travels? Hmmmm….I want that notebook!

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