Oh hello friends, welcome to another FrURLSday. Enjoy.
GoDaddy Ad from 2007 – Still one of my favorite commercials ever.
EVERYONE CHILL Barack’s Got This!
Sarah Palin 2009 Calendar – Why wasn’t I told about this before Christmas? (Top 3 people I would buy this for: Amy Weishaar, Virg, and Tina Fey)
Crazy 4 Cult 2 – Who knew art could be this cool? My fav.
Honda Rebel 250 converted to electric – I’ll just put this on my To-Do list.


Image hosted by Flickr.


So I had the feeling that I may have been posting a few too many short posts that were really only to share a link. I was telling Ashlinn that I may start to do a weeks worth of interesting links posted on Friday. She said I should do it on Thursday and call it ThURLsday. I googled it and a few people had already done it, so I’m sticking with FrURLsday. Which brings us to our first link:
Google Search results for Frurlsday, NOTHING!
Pop Rivet Ice Tires for Your Road Bike from Instructables.
The Project Tandem Teaser that came out earlier this month!
That’s it for now. These will get heavier once I am back on my normal schedule. BTW don’t attempt to eat decorative pine cones.