7092 Tons of Bananas

Do you have an hour to kill? Perhaps you will enjoy watching “The Joy of Stats” featuring everybody’s favorite Swedish nerd, Hans Rosling. If you don’t have an hour to kill, you should at least fast forward to 19:40 and have all your preconceptions about legs blown away.

Internet, I Remember You Now!

As I mentioned in my last post, I got the internet. It’s kind of overwhelming. Not only do I have the old internet that I’m used to, I’ve also got access to Xbox Live and Netflix Instant Queue (30 Rock, Office, Lost). This is blowing my mind.
Now I have to get used to that whole Facebook layout that people were complaining about so much. I have to log in to webpages. I have multiple applications running concurrently. Like I said, mind blown.
All these Youtube videos.
So many blogs to read.
A plethora of bike pictures on Flickr.
I’m freaking out guys!

Maybe it’s a little late, but me and Kanye just wanted to say Happy thanksgiving.