Xbox Block

Today Microsoft banned millions of Xbox Live users for playing on modified systems and using pirated copies of games, most likely the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I have mixed feelings about the ban. The users have purchased the Xbox, and should have full authority to mod it however they feel necessary. That’s what I feel is entalled in owning something. Where it gets dicey for me is when those customers start to play with legit (according to Microsoft’s TOS) players. A modified system is, basically, able to cheat. Being on the shit end of the stick can sour the whole experience for a player and eventually result in fewer subscribers to the Xbox Live service and possibly lower sales for the companies that put so much into their products.
What if Apple banned customers from it’s iTunes store if they found out you were using iTunes to organize and watch pirated movies?
What if a grocery store wouldn’t let you in because you brought your own cart?
Overall, the banned players probably got what the deserved.

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