3 Sci-Fi Films You May Have Missed

Moon – This one may not have made it to your area yet, it’s still making the festival rounds. I saw it a few weeks ago at SIFF and I was quite impressed by both the strong story and the use of miniatures over CG. It relates heavily to the space madness seen in Solaris and 2001, but I felt like it took it in a more satisfying direction. Sam Rockwell plays “quiet/confused” better than most, especially while watching himself jump rope in the next room over. TrailerIMDb

Sunshine – It’s not surprising that Danny Boyle is finally blowing people’s minds. This film should have had a much larger reaction, in my opinion. Dying sun, a bomb the size of Manhattan, martyrdom, gold suits and the worst sunburn you could imagine. I really hope Boyle returns to casting Cillian Murphy in the future. TrailerIMDb

The Mist – Based on a Stephen King novella about monsters rolling into town in a cloud of mist. Takes place in Maine, ’nuff said. TrailerIMDb

Bonus: Primer – Very very very cool. Interesting method of storytelling from a director (and producer, writer, main actor and editor) who isn’t afraid to leave you with a few questions as the credits roll. TrailerIMDb

2 thoughts on “3 Sci-Fi Films You May Have Missed”

  1. Primer and Sunshine are both in my netflix queue… (Primer is actually on the instant queue list…)

    Danny Boyle is really awesome… The Beach was awesome and 28 days later was one of my favorite movies of the last several years!

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