3 Sci-Fi Films You May Have Missed

Moon – This one may not have made it to your area yet, it’s still making the festival rounds. I saw it a few weeks ago at SIFF and I was quite impressed by both the strong story and the use of miniatures over CG. It relates heavily to the space madness seen in Solaris and 2001, but I felt like it took it in a more satisfying direction. Sam Rockwell plays “quiet/confused” better than most, especially while watching himself jump rope in the next room over. TrailerIMDb

Sunshine – It’s not surprising that Danny Boyle is finally blowing people’s minds. This film should have had a much larger reaction, in my opinion. Dying sun, a bomb the size of Manhattan, martyrdom, gold suits and the worst sunburn you could imagine. I really hope Boyle returns to casting Cillian Murphy in the future. TrailerIMDb

The Mist – Based on a Stephen King novella about monsters rolling into town in a cloud of mist. Takes place in Maine, ’nuff said. TrailerIMDb

Bonus: Primer – Very very very cool. Interesting method of storytelling from a director (and producer, writer, main actor and editor) who isn’t afraid to leave you with a few questions as the credits roll. TrailerIMDb